Communication is the one skill everyone uses – regardless of their status, education or experience. Every situation is a potential communication challenge and our success hinges on how well we are able to communicate.

Gloria Pierre has been a communications strategist since 2000 and specializes in accent reduction and professional communication. She empowers clients to recognize and correct their communication impediments through workshops and personal coaching

Her accent reduction program enables participants who speak English as a second language to break the sound barrier and be finally understood. They are less frustrated and more optimistic about their careers and their lives.

Gloria Pierre emigrated from Guyana, South America in 1974 and has since been living and working in Toronto, Canada. In high school, she studied Latin and developed a love affair with words. She is the author of (K)New Words, which encourages readers to explore their vocabulary options when communicating.

Gloria is a member of the largest public speaking organization, Toastmasters International and has been honing her leadership and communication skills there for the last 12 years. She is the recipient of the Toastmaster of the Year award for 2001/2002.

She has regularly contributed to the Dish Newspaper and The Chronicles on communication topics for high school students. She has also been featured in print and broadcast media throughout Canada. Gloria’s involvement in the non-profit sector includes The United Way, Skills For Change, Future Possibilities and Elevated Grounds.