There are two kinds of toothpicks – those that are durable, flexible, of excellent quality, where attention is paid to the process and those that are soft, of poor quality, break/splinter easily and have sloppy workmanship. The quality of the toothpick determines its versatility.
Do you know how the toothpicks of excellent quality are made? Birch wood passes through a machine which cuts it to toothpick size. These slivers of birch go through a four-hour process to become durable and flexible then they go through another four-hour process of refinement before becoming toothpicks.
Imagine, this simple lowly object that’s used once and thrown out is subjected to eight hours of intense preparation, preening and polishing. How much time are you willing to spend to achieve a goal or goals that would make you the best in your field?
If you want to stay in the comfortable cocoon of familiarity, you will not experience personal excellence and you will have a limited existence.
If you want to achieve personal excellence, then you have to be prepared to go through the process of preparation, pass through the heat that will make or break you and finally through a process of refinement. The process of preparation and refinement dictate where you will end up.
You have to know who you are before you can become what you want to be. What are you saying to yourself and who are you listening to? Are you limiting yourself or are you preparing for unlimited success?
If you were a toothpick, which one would you decide to be?

“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you.” Unknown (From Satori Quotes available through Clearly Speaking)