I think of Christmas as a time for personal assessment. I reflect on how far I’ve come and visualize where I am heading. All year long, I’ve been learning from the people around me and from my church and would like to share the spiritual nourishment I received.

1. Release the past, celebrate the present and embrace the future

2. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me

3. Silence is becoming still at will so I can hear the answers to my

prayer requests

4. Say what I want instead of saying what’s stopping me

5. A demonstration is more meaningful than an explanation

6. Just like we use the right tool for the right job, we must use the right

approach for the right person/situation

7. Be an active participant in my life. It is mine to be spent not saved

or wasted

8. I’m exposed to a higher method of communication

9. When I step forward in boldness, God will meet me

10. Is my story a comedy, a melodrama, an adventure? Am I a victim

or a hero? What story am I telling myself?

11. I re-calibrate my life based on my life experiences

12. Life is self-correcting. Interact with life.