If you want others to take you seriously, develop an image and create an impression. Allow your personal dynamism to emerge so you can capture and hold people’s attention. If you don’t, you’ll fade fast. There’s always going to be someone or something else vying for their attention.

Master the art of communication. Communication is saying what you mean and meaning what you say. If you’re not fired up about what you’re speaking about, don’t expect to convince anyone else. If you are, you can command attention and respect, garner support for your cause, differentiate yourself and almost always get what you ask for.

“Make thyself a craftsman in speech for thereby thou shalt gain the upper hand.”

Recognize that you don’t know everything, that you won’t know everything. Surround yourself with those whose knowledge and competence supplement what you lack to get you to the next steps in your ‘campaign’.

Blaze your own trail. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Ask questions of yourself and those in your circle who are forward-thinking. Have the courage of your convictions to step out. You could end up where you intended to.

Why do we seek to strengthen our cause by attacking our opponents? Keep the focus on your cause not on your opponents.

If you’re not the winner, you’ll be remembered for what you did last. What do you want to leave with your supporters or audience? You have one last chance to alter the impression.