A Attitude – the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think

B Be self-affirming. Be self-congratulatory. Be your biggest fan.

C Commit to life-long learning in your field of interest.

D Keep you dreams and goals alive and constantly updated

E Everything about you should portray a quiet rich assurance of success.

F Find your own God-given talents and showcase them

G Share your goals with others. Some one has what you’re looking for.

H Hold yourself responsible to a higher standard than anyone else expects of you.

I If you start to take Vienna, take Vienna. (Napoleon)

J Joyously express your gratitude – always.

K To know the road coming ahead, ask those coming back. (Chinese Proverb)

L Listen a hundred times, ponder a thousand times, speak once.

(Turkish Proverb)

M Master the skills you need to reach your goals.

N Nurture the relationships that uplift you. Delete the ones that don’t.

O Be open-minded and be constantly amazed at what you can learn.

P A man cannot sit down alone to plan for posterity. (Nigerian Proverb)

Q Question everything until you fully understand. Don’t assume.

R Resolve to act quickly and decisively when needed

S Simplify your life. Purge the unnecessary, the unwanted, the unused

T Take up your space confidently

U Have unshakable confidence and faith in yourself and your abilities.

V Value the time spent with the people you care about.

W When you give your word or make a promise, you are accountable

Y You are who you say you are. Make yourself important.

Z Zero in on opportunities to achieve your goals and to help others achieve theirs.